Cotton field in Mississippi.

For decades, agriculture employers have claimed that an inability to find willing American workers forces them to hire foreign-born labor. Sometimes the foreign-born workers are legally authorized and hold State Department H-2A, temporary, nonimmigrant visas. Other times, they’re illegally employed in the cash-only, under-the-table market.

The “jobs Americans won’t do”…

Haitians overwhelm U.S. southern border.

To learn first-hand how negligent the federal government is about national security, book an airline reservation to any destination. By comparison to the open Southwest border, airports are locked down tight.

The pre-boarding drill is too familiar. Travelers, once at the football-field long Transportation Safety Administration pre-boarding line, must remove…

In 25 minutes

Panjwai District of Kandahar province, Afghanistan, March 2021. (Getty Images)

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Rob Schilling of the Schilling Show about Joe Biden’s dangerous and disastrous Afghan resettlement program, lessons not learned from prior resettlements to the United States, and where this misguided policy will lead the nation.

You can listen here:

Joe Guzzardi

Syndicated columnist Joe Guzzardi writes about immigration issues and American baseball history.

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