More Foreign Workers Coming to the U.S. under Biden Administration

During the peak days of coronavirus, Amazon delivery trucks were a familiar sight in neighborhoods across America. Amazon’s logo is a smiley face arrow pointing from “A” to “Z” indicating that the company offers customers products that range from those with names that begin with the letter “a” and all…

Talkback Thu 20 Jan 2022
Chuck Wilder 9–11 AM PDT

I’ll be discussing with Chuck my recent commentary, “Congressional Black Caucus Ignores Wage Gap Solutions.”

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Americans need to come to the realization that they are funding this entire immigrant flood, including healthcare, housing, food and education. U.S. taxpayers are funding all costs of illegal immigration.

The White House, if they were on top of it — if they were serious — they would say, “Wait a minute. What’s going to happen after 2 million people in 2021 — illegal aliens — get into the interior of the United States. Who is going to provide for them?”

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As with many immigration-related matters, too much information is purposely hidden from public view.

We just witnessed an excellent example of the Biden administration’s immigration subterfuge. The must-pass continuing resolution bill to fund the federal government at its current level, and therefore avoid a government shutdown, included a completely unrelated…

Joe Guzzardi

Syndicated columnist Joe Guzzardi writes about immigration issues and American baseball history. GETTR @PAJoeGuzzardi

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