On Air with Rob Schilling

On Tuesday, I joined Rob Schilling for his podcast to talk about the continuing impact of the H-1B on U.S. tech workers and the wide-open southern border under the Biden administration.

Rob asked what lessons we should learn from the Afghan evacuation — the flaws that have been exposed — and cautionary lessons from the Ukraine, bringing in 100,000 people to the U.S. to start.

The lesson, I said, is to not think in terms of 100,000 people. Take a look at it from a broader perspective, which would include chain migration. And then other variables — schooling, strains on hospitals and healthcare. There will be more people on the roads. There will be more homes to be built. So this migration has a real longer-term impact. We can’t just dismiss it by saying it’s only 100,000 people. A few months ago, we were talking about it only being 100,000 Afghans. Then before we could blink, it’s 100,000 Ukrainians. And all of this while the border is wide open and not even a hint from the Biden administration that maybe it’s time to think about slowing down the flow. Instead, Biden is doing the opposite.

Listen to the podcast here:




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Joe Guzzardi

Joe Guzzardi

Syndicated columnist Joe Guzzardi writes about immigration issues and American baseball history. Twitter @JoeGuzzardi19